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Anglo redemption date notice
Posted Fri, 23 Mar 2012

Anglo ("The Issuer") gave irrevocable notice (an "Optional Redemption Notice") that: * the Volume Weighted Average Price of the Ordinary Shares in the capital of the Issuer as derived from the London Stock Exchange plc for 20 dealing days within the 30 consecutive dealing day period ended on 16 March 2012 was at least 130 per cent of the Conversion Price in effect (or deemed to be in effect) on each such dealing day, and accordingly; * the Issuer will on 22 May 2012 (the "Optional Redemption Date") redeem all of the Bonds outstanding on such date at their principal amount together with USD166.67 in accrued but unpaid interest per USD100,000 in principal amount per Bond up to but excluding the Optional Redemption Date. Bondholders are reminded that the Conversion Right in respect of each Bond may be exercised at the option of the relevant Bondholder at any time up to the close of business (at the place where the relevant Bond is delivered for conversion) on 15 May 2012. The current Conversion Price of the Bonds is GBP18.36 per Ordinary Share and the closing price of the Ordinary Shares on 21 March 2012 was GBP25.03 per Ordinary Share. The aggregate principal amount of the Bonds outstanding on 21 March 2012 was USD1 699 200 000.